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Commercial Solutions
Back office planning Mix of storage and office

Back office financial group.pdf (93k)
Retail - Multiple Locations Comparison of before and after

Retail-Multiple locations A.pdf (143k)
Retail-Multiple locations C.pdf (164k)
Planned Storage Before and after with lateral file

Planned storage.pdf (102k)
Medical Lab elfa as millwork solution

ProPath small.pdf (113k)
Storage room efficiencies Before and after storage rooms

Storage area efficiencies.pdf (285k)
Shopping Center Warehouse elfa® in large warehouse

Shopping Center Warehouse.pdf (214k)
elfa® in retail storage elfa®

elfa in Retail.pdf (266k)
Interior Design Firm Showroom elfa® throughout designer showroom

Faulkner.pdf (172k)
Design Library Shows heavy load on elfa shelving

Spencer library.pdf (183k)
Floral Design Show Room Creative use of elfa®

Floral Designer Show Room.pdf (165k)
Education Solutions
New Elementary School New elementary school replaces millwork with elfa

White Settlement.pdf (219k)
Elementary School One of seven new schools in single district

Ramey Elementary.pdf (175k)
Elfa-Specific Information
elfa® Floor to ceiling Interior space shelving

Floor to Ceiling.pdf (200k)
elfa® begins with a track elfa basics

Begins with a track.pdf (175k)
elfa® Ceiling down Overall process of planning storage

Storage with Plan.pdf (185k)
elfa® Inventory Control Case study of flexibility and adaptability

Inventory control 2.pdf (132k)
elfa® to millwork Save money using elfa® in place of open millwork where applicable

elfa to millwork comparison.pdf (110k)
elfa® - Why it works Integrated system

elfa - why it works.pdf (176k)
elfa® Drawer System Drawer measurements, ideas

elfa Drawers.pdf (149k)
4 Segments of BuiltRite Solutions Examples of all business segments

General elfa sheet.pdf (270k)
Healthcare Solutions
Healthcare Storage elfa® storage room solutions, before and after

Healthcare Storage Solution.pdf (294k)
Healthcare Cut Sheet #1 elfa solution

Healthcare Cut 1 2004.pdf (113k)
Healthcare Cut Sheet #2 elfa solutions in hospital environment

Healthcare Cut 2 2004.pdf (132k)
Healthcare Cut Sheet #3 elfa solutions in hospitals

Healthcare Cut 3 2004.pdf (164k)
Healthcare Ideas Hospital solutions

Healthcare Ideas.pdf (253k)
Increasing density Increasing density in existing spaces

Cook Children's.pdf (229k)
Rehab environment rehabilitation hospital

Rehab Hospital.pdf (168k)
Forms Management demonstrates flexibility

ACFEFC1.pdf (126k)
Surgery Center elfa® in high-use areas

Surgery Center.pdf (211k)
Healthcare 1.1.08 2008 Brochure

Healthcare 1.1.08.pdf (16435k)
Housing Solutions
Housing Housing concepts

elfa.Housing spread.pdf (135k)
University Housing Concept Closet and room utilizing elfa® shelving

Dorm room concept.pdf (264k)
General Housing Photos of elfa® in housing

ACFA2DA.pdf (135k)
Closet Upgrades elfa® in multi-family housing

Closet Upgrades.pdf (179k)
Closet Upgrades 2 elfa® installation

Closet Upgrades 2.pdf (201k)
Organized Storage in Housing elfa®

Housing-Organized Storage.pdf (200k)
University - Intro for College Housing elfa® in residence halls

College housing intro piece.pdf (100k)
Housing - Organized Storage Residential specific

ACFA8D6.pdf (200k)
University Housing College Residence hall - New Construction

New Residence Hall.pdf (1891k)
University Residence Hall Upgrade Existing dorm refurbishes closets with elfa

ACFEE9F.pdf (109k)
Adult Senior Housing Advantages elfa thoughts on Senior Living

Senior Assisted Living.pdf (121k)
elfa® in Greek Housing elfa® in a Sorority House

Greek Housing.pdf (88k)
University Residence Hall Renovation Residence Hall retrofit of closets with elfa®

Residence Hall Upgrade.pdf (116k)
Housing 1.1.08 2008 Housing Brochure

Housing 1.1.08.pdf (12738k)

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